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Believe - Achieve - Succeed

Results 2023

We are absolutely thrilled with the excellent performance of all our young people during 2023. They have demonstrated exceptional progress and this is a testament to their incredible hard work, dedication to learning, and positive mindset. GCSE examinations are a significant milestone in a young person’s academic journey, and we are immensely proud of the remarkable achievements of all our learners. Their commitment to their studies, resilience, and determination have been truly inspiring, especially in the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic.


Huge congratulations to all our young people, which is a deserved outcome for their efforts and constructive attitude towards learning. We would also like to thank our incredibly committed, highly skilled and talented staff team for creating an exceptional teaching and learning environment in which children can learn new concepts, self-develop and flourish. In addition to this, we extend our thanks to parents/carers for continuously supporting your child and our school. We recognise the invaluable role played by every person in the school community and wider community who advises and mentors our young people throughout their GCSE journey. Your unwavering encouragement, guidance, and belief in their abilities have undoubtedly contributed to their success.


It is truly pleasing to see our young people progress to the next stage in their journey whether this is moving on to further education, training or employment. Thanks to their fantastic achievements, we are delighted that learners will progress to their first-choice destinations and we wish them the very best for the bright future ahead of them.   


We are incredibly proud of all our young people and all of their achievements this year. They have shown remarkable strength of character and a commitment to their education that is truly commendable. We celebrate their accomplishments and recognize the importance of providing all children with a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges of the future. At Upper Batley High School we strive to equip our learners with not only academic excellence but also the essential life skills, values, and character traits necessary for success in their future endeavors.


Guided by our school values of believe, achieve, succeed, we foster an atmosphere that encourages young people to believe in themselves, achieve their goals, and ultimately succeed in their academic and personal pursuits. Our whole school community congratulates all learners on their incredible achievements and we wish them good luck for the future.


Mr Aman Singh Kang

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