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History at UBHS is designed to foster engagement into the past and how it reflects in the present and future. Like the world around us today, history is consistently changing. We encourage the learners to look back and begin asking questions about the past and our curriculum supports these questions through our focus on historiography. We investigate how a building can inform us of local and national culture, how medicine has developed and how the present is shaped by the past such as the Treaty of Versailles and the Second World War. There is a large emphasis on encouraging our learners to think as a historian and apply these skills to their life and their interactions.  


Year 7 topics include:


  • Skipton Castle as its reflection of Britain throughout the last 1000 years 
  • Development of medicine from Ancient China to the middle ages
  • The international impact of the Vikings travels both east and west.
  • The changing of power between the King and the Church
  • Impact of the Ottoman Empire on the world
  • Why the Tudors were so significant.


Year 8 topics include:


  • How Britain was changed by the Reformation
  • The impact of the Enlightenment on the World
  • The development of political suffrage in the UK up to 1928
  • The causes of the First World War
  • The cultural impact of the First World War on the world
  • How the First World War impacted the state of Ireland


Year 9 topics include:


  • The impact of the First World War on Russia
  • How Europe attempted to maintain peace after 1918
  • Why did Europe see a rise in dictators in the 1930s
  • Holocaust (Compulsory topic) 
  • How Britain was influenced by immigration after the Second World War
  • How did the Cold War impact Europe and the world?


Year 10 topics include:


  • Britain: Health and the People c.1000- present day
  • Elizabethan England c.1568-1603


Year 11 topics include:


  • Conflict and Tension, 1918-1939
  • Germany Democracy to dictatorship, c.1870 - 1945


Extracurricular Provision and Enrichment Opportunities


Throughout Year 7 and Year 8 the History department offers a number of educational visits for learners to experience History outside of the classroom. In Year 7 we offer a trip to Skipton Castle so learners can experience the significance of local History and how their history is important outside of the classroom. In Year 8 we offer the learners the opportunity to become historians themselves by taking part in a voices project. 


During the GCSE course the History department offers a number of educational visits to aid learning during the course. Throughout the course learners will be invited to see a number of site visits such as Hardwick Hall and the Thackeray Medical Museum.


We also offer extra revision sessions after school where learners can work to further their understanding of the subject.


Resources to support learning / ICT Resources


Other Information

Visiting local or national museums are a great way to encourage and foster a love for History. Popular museums such as the I.W.M North, Royal Armories, Thackery and Leeds City Museum consistently change their exhibitions and are very engaging.


However, there are local museums such as Bagshaw Museum, Bankfield Museum, Lotherton Hall and Skipton Castle that offer great knowledge and opportunity to develop an understanding of the past.

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