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Cultivating great leadership

At Upper Batley we see everyone as being a leader and having responsibility for their own learning and development. We believe in empowering our learners; giving them a voice and listening to their great ideas to help us to continuously develop all aspects of school. Leadership is about commitment, hard work, dedication, resilience and doing the right thing consistently. These are attributes demonstrated daily by learners in our school.


As John Maxwell once said: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”


Here our learners certainly do that and recently, learners have had many opportunities to portray their great leadership qualities through:


  • Head Learner selection and school council elections
  • Participating in debating competitions
  • Leading on mental health and taking up roles as Mental Health Mentors
  • Participating in the Interact Club
  • Leading on sports activities
  • Going on work experience
  • Leading on school assemblies
  • Facilitating workshops and discussions


Mr Aman Singh Kang

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