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Believe - Achieve - Succeed

Building character and achieving excellence

Our approach to the development of our learners is focussed on building knowledge and understanding in a variety of subjects teamed with building the skills they will need for their futures in further education and working life. Creating well-rounded individuals is paramount.


The range of initiatives we run instil a sense of moral purpose and responsibility in our learners and enable them to hone these skills. For example, the School Council is not just about the members that sit on the council itself, but about all learners who vote for the members and therefore have an appreciation for democracy and the way in which societies are run.


Through this, and other initiatives, our young people learn about: teamwork, leadership, creativity, problem-solving, empathy, effective communication, resilience and initiative.  


All of these experiences and skills provide them with vital expertise for them to apply to their studies as well as enhancing their personal development.


We are a school that is proud to say that we achieve excellently in learners' academia, yet remain focussed on the importance of character building, so that our young people become responsible and resourceful citizens


Mr Aman Singh Kang

Upper Batley High School is part of Batley Multi Academy Trust, company number 07732537, a Company incorporated as private limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales and an exempt Charity. Registered Office Blenheim Drive, Batley, WF17 0BJ.

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