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School Council

As part of our constant strive forward as a school we pride ourselves on being a close community for both staff and learners alike .Our School Council is made up from elected representatives from each form in the college as well as members of the Learner Leadership Group.

The Learner Leadership Group are members of the school body who have put themselves forward to be the face and voice of UBHS learners and be more involved in the development of our school in both recruitment of staff, the constant development of Teaching & Learning and the development of the fabric of the building.

These learners are also involved heavily with the local community and fundraising for charity.

They meet once every half term to discuss matters as they arise and together come up with creative solutions to move our school forward, working with members of the staff team.

The Learners Councillors bring items from the school body via their forms and report back through this forum about the development work they undertake. The School Council at UBHS is an effective, forward thinking team who are driving forward change and is key to the development of Tomorrow's Successful Men.