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It's Monday- but not as we know it

Our school is closed today for the majority of our learners and our message to our whole learning community is to stay safe, wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, and please stick to the rules about social distancing. Stay 2 metres away from other people to keep you and them safe. We know that you may be reeling from last week's news, with school's closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These are unprecedented times all around the world. You will be going through a roller-coaster of emotions. You might feel angry, sad, worried and confused. You might be feeling not much at all. You might feel empty. All of this is normal and understandable. We are always here for you and we always will be. UBHS is a TEAM and as you all know from all those assemblies over the years, TEAM means  Together Everyone Achieves More. Our school community is a strong one. We have faced challenges in the past and we've overcome them. Although this is a challenge on a much bigger scale, we will overcome this one as well. This is why we always talk about resilience and how we all need to have that 'bounce back ability'. Never more than now. Just because we are not meeting face to face, does not mean you stop being part of our community. You are amazing people and are now Tomorrow's Successful Men. As we always say your future is up to you, and you can be successful at whatever you put your mind to, and set your heart to do. Be kind, show compassion for others and always be the very best version of yourselves.