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Great Get Together

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone in our community who took part in the 2020 Great Get Together events this weekend. It would be really easy to say "oh we can't do anything this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic", or "we were just too busy to take part". However, not at UBHS. You can never be too busy for the things that really matter in life, and community is one of those things- Community Makes Us, and it is the unity in community that matters the most. Community means everything to us, and our school lies at the heart of our community. The Great Get Together weekend is all about celebrating what is great and good about our community and all of the amazing people who live and work here. We have such a rich tapestry of culture and such tremendous diversity, we need to celebrate that and learn more about that at every opportunity we can. See our newsletter and social media for details of all of the events UBHS helped to organise and took part in, and we were immensely proud when our school assembly was shared nationally- well done to all our boys who did Batley proud with their contributions. The Batley Buzz was evident everywhere last week. School assembly, Batley Bake Off, the grand opening of Upper Batley Book Shelf, Community Interfaith Service, Cakes on the Couch and the Run for Jo. We were also delighted that Jo's family (her sister and her parents) were a key part of these events, and our MP, Tracy Brabin came into school as well. Thank you to everyone for all your superb work last week and well done to Megan Barraclough this year's winner of the Batley Bake Off competition.