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Community Makes Us

This weekend saw the final clap for carers/NHS/ key workers etc at 5pm on Sunday. It was an opportunity, to celebrate the birthday of the NHS, and to thank everyone for all their hard work, bravery and superb commitment throughout this pandemic, and in fact always, in terms of caring for others. In this country we are very fortunate to have an NHS service where people can get medical care, attention and treatment when they need it. Not everyone around the world is fortunate to have access to those same services when they need them. 

Over the past few months we have seen such amazing bravery from our NHS and key workers. People working in these professions have put themselves in the line of danger to help and support others. No greater act of kindness or compassion can be seen, than putting others first and helping other people. We thank all of those key workers, and everyone who continues to follow the government guidance about social distancing and hand washing etc, to keep themselves and others safe. Collectively and collaboratively we can show resilience and compassion, and get through these tough times. Community Makes Us and it is unity in community that matters the most.