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Business Studies


What does a young man need to get ahead in business and become tomorrow’s successful business analyst, accountant, marketing manager or entrepreneur? The fast pace of change in the global economies means there will be ever increasing opportunities for our learners to succeed, if we equip them with the business skills and qualities that future employers seek.

Outline of Course Content

Here at Upper Batley High School the Business Studies Curriculum provides a practical, real world experience where our learners develop a broad range of essential work related knowledge and skills that future employers will value. In particular, the business skills the department promotes include:

  • Thinking skills for analysis and evaluation
  • Effective Leadership and team player skills
  • Confidence in communication and presentation
  • Good standards of Literacy and Numeracy
  • Successful application of Enterprise knowledge and skills

Course Breakdown

The OCR Award in Marketing and Enterprise is an applied equivalent to GCSE and comprises of 3 Units:

  •  Enterprise and marketing concepts -assessed via external Examination (50%)
  •  Design a Business Proposal - assessed via portfolio evidence (25%)
  •  Market and pitch a business proposal - assessed via portfolio evidence (25%)

Extracurricular and Enrichment Opportunities

To support the progress of our learners the department offers a variety of off-site business experiences. These have included tours of Jaguar Landrover and Coca Cola production plants to view manufacturing processes.

Visits to Cadbury World, Manchester Airport and retail venues including Birstall Retail Park and the White Rose Shopping Centre provide practical experiences for learners.

We also encourage interaction with business personnel where possible and have benefited from working with City Veteran and former Chief executive at Asda and Chairman of Royal Mail - Allan Leighton.