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Aman Kang

My background is in ICT and computing and as a classroom practitioner I truly believe all learners can succeed and I am determined to give all learners the opportunity to achieve success, especially those learners who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.I have been Deputy Headteacher at Upper Batley High School for nearly 3 years having joined the school as an Assistant Headteacher back in September 2014. During this time I have helped raise quality standards across all departments and developed leadership and the professional development of colleagues in school. The increase in GCSE results coupled with continued development of both learners and learners has led to our school being graded as Good during our last Ofsted Inspection in January 16.

Prior to my appointment at Upper Batley High School, I served as a Curriculum Leader at Moor End Academy for 5 years. During my time here I supported my team through two successful Ofsted Inspections graded as Outstanding. As part of my leadership role I worked with a number of senior leaders to help them develop teaching and middle leaders within their schools.

I am an accredited middle leader development programme (MLDP) course facilitator via the NCTL. Since the accreditation I have worked with a range of primary and secondary schools to help develop leadership capacity within the Kirklees cluster schools.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Middle Leader Development
  • Quality Assurance Process
  • Leadership of CPD
  • ICT/Computing  

Asifa Karim

Since September 2012 I have been an Assistant Headteacher at Upper Batley High School and I am currently responsible for Teaching and Learning. I have delivered a wide range of training courses and CPD sessions for staff in my school and other local schools in West Yorkshire.  Before 2012, I was a successful middle leader for a number of years including a Head of Department for Maths and an Achievement Leader for various year groups.  I have worked with Maths departments in schools across Bradford in order to help them improve the quality of their Teaching and Learning and maximise the progress of learners in those schools.

Area of Specialism:

  • Maths
  • ITT training and Coaching Staff

Special responsibilities:

  • Teaching & Learning across the whole school
  • Leadership and managements of departments
  • Coaching staff from RI to Good and Good to Outstanding


  • Demonstrating progress
  • Marking and feedback
  • ETA training
  • NQT, Teach First and PGCE student training
  • Numeracy training
  • Target setting and intervention strategies

Why I feel passionate about teaching

I am passionate about teaching as I believe that all learners should be given every opportunity to maximise their learning and fulfil their true potential.  I am also greatly motivated by helping to inspire teachers and assisting them in developing their pedagogy and craft so that they can promote the best outcomes for learners.  As an SLE I am able to support schools in ensuring that everyone is striving to do their best and maintaining high standards and outcomes for all.

Curt Farrar 

Professional background

I have been teaching for 5 years and have worked tirelessly in that time drive change and to provide a high standard of education for all learners in the area of Design and Technology. I am currently the Head of Design Technology at Upper Batley High School.

SLE areas of specialism

My main areas of specialism are in Design Technology and the leadership of Design Technology curriculum.

Current role and responsibilities

I am currently Head of Design Technology at Upper Batley High school and I have held that position since September 2013. My main responsibilities are to raise attainment and achievement and to monitor and support learner progress within Design Technology. I am also responsible for leading on and developing the Design Technology provision, ensuring that we provide a broad and balanced programme of study.  As well as my own duties as a classroom practitioner, I have responsibility over department finances, support and technical staff within Design Technology.

In 2016, Design Technology had its best set of results on record. Attainment  increased by nearly 50% since 2013/14. This has come about through a determination to offer the best possible education for our learners.

CPD/Training Delivered

During my teaching career I have delivered various CPD and training sessions mainly in the area of teaching and learning. These have included sessions on lesson planning and planning for SEND learners, differentiation and challenge. I have more recently worked with a new Head of Department to support them in how to run a department successfully and to bring about improvement.

Why I became an SLE

I have previously worked with an SLE to drive change within my own department and team. I have seen first-hand what the role of an SLE entails and I have now been able to transform my own department to give all of our learners the best possible Design and Technology education with the support of that process. I now feel that it is my turn to share what I find to be best practice with colleagues in other schools.

I enjoy working with and supporting others, seeing improvement as a result of positive change is what motivates me. Within my role I have enjoyed working with and inspiring others to bring out the best in them. I am also deeply passionate about quality Design and Technology education

Deborah Gogliormella

My Name is Deborah Gogliormella and I am Head of Science at Upper Batley High School.  I have worked at the school since September 2013.

I have been a teacher and worked in education for 16 Years and prior to that I worked for 17 Years as a Research Chemist in Industry at BASF.

 I have worked as a Classroom teacher for science and held positions of responsibility within Schools such as Head of Faculty at The Samuel Lister Academy from Sept 2007 to July 2012. Whilst in this position the science results improved dramatically and the school regularly attained Good ALPS scores in the science subjects in the sixth form.

Whilst working at the Samuel Lister Academy I was seconded to an Acting Assistant head role for 12 months with responsibility for Data, reporting and Assessment within the school to Support the senior Leadership Team.

At Upper Batley High School, as well as leading the science department I have also had responsibility for Data and Assessment to cover absent colleagues within school for six months.

In addition to supporting leadership within school, I have worked collaboratively with a number of secondary and primary Schools on specific projects such as ; delivering training and workshops on areas such as Teaching and learning, assessment for learning and outstanding teaching.

I have led a government pilot scheme for the Pennine Teaching Alliance called the return to teaching programme for the NCFL which recruits qualified teachers to return to teaching.  This scheme involved developing a training programme to help the returning teachers to further develop their teaching and learning skills, coaching to help them gain their confidence and helping them find employment. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Science
  • Data and assessment
  • Pupil Progress
  • Teaching and Learning 

Jo Forster 

I have held the role of Head of Department at Upper Batley High School since Sept 2012. I was Teaching and Learning Manger for English at Birkdale High School from Sept 2009 to July 2012.

Current role and responsibilities:

I am currently the Head of English at Upper Batley High School. My main responsibilities are to raise standards of pupil attainment and achievement within the English curriculum and to monitor and support pupil progress in English across the whole department area. I am also responsible for leading, managing and developing the English curriculum and ensuring the provision of an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated English curriculum for all learners. In addition to my own teaching responsibilities, I develop and enhance the teaching practice of others and manage and deploy teaching and support staff and financial and physical resources in order to support the department action plan and SEF.

CPD / Training Delivered:

In order to improve teaching and learning across my school, I was assigned as a LILT (Leader in Teaching and Learning), where I led a cross-curricular group of staff to plan and deliver a whole-school presentation on effective plenaries as part of the school’s NUT (Never Underestimate Teachers) whole-school project. I coached the group to pioneer and promote the use of traffic light cards in student planners to create effective mini-plenaries involving self- and peer assessment within lessons. As part of the same project, I later led a different group of staff to plan and deliver a whole-school presentation on Thinking Tools in order to challenge and improve the outcomes of pupils, particularly the most able. In addition, I have led whole school CPD on Setting Effective and Differentiated Progress Measures and Developing Writing Across the School.

In Sept 2015, I completed the Outstanding Facilitator Programme run by the Pennine Teaching School Alliance and became an Accredited Facilitator for the Outstanding Teacher Programme and Improving Teacher Programmes. The programme enabled me to develop the key skills to facilitate, lead and coach colleagues effectively and I have used these skills to support staff on improvement plans in order to improve the quality and consistency of teaching and learning across the department.

Why I became an SLE:

My main motivation was the fact that I find my current role extremely rewarding; not only am I committed to leading English at UBHS but I also feel passionate about making a more significant contribution to my work.

My current position has required me to demonstrate integrity and accountability and I thrive on challenge, problem-solving and strategizing within a team setting. I am an outgoing person and a good listener and so I enjoy evaluating and synthesizing the input from others within my department.

The fact that colleagues come to me for advice on all aspects of teaching and learning English and value my opinion drives me to motivate and support others within a wider setting. Within my role, I have enjoyed inspiring others to do their best and felt rewarded when they have followed my suggestions and succeeded. I also feel that it is particularly important for colleagues to build, maintain and use links and expertise provided by other schools and I have a desire to share and implement my ideas amongst other specialist practitioners.

Matt Brayford

Professional background:

Throughout my working life I have always strived to find challenge and push myself to achieve difficult yet attainable goals. I recognise the changing structure and working practices within education and the role in which teaching schools can play to promote and cultivating excellence. Supporting colleagues and sharing expertise is going to be vital in the modern field of schooling.

I have been part of a number of teaching and learning initiatives and have lead CPD sessions for staff to uptake and develop specific parts of their teaching. These have had great impact and participants have always provided positive feedback.

I would describe myself as being a visionary leader who is able to effectively coach individuals/teams to inspire and motivate them to give their all and succeed. I possess many leadership qualities and would enjoy working with other leaders/teacher to help them reach their potential.

SLE areas of specialism:

I have held leadership roles in the following areas with significant impact criteria in each: SEMH, attendance, safeguarding, teacher training, PE and closing the gap

Current role and responsibilities:

In my current role of Assistant Headteacher I have responsibility for Behaviour and attendance, SEMH, safeguarding and SEND. Throughout the course of this year the initiatives I have led have resulted in major positive contributions to the learners at school and the performance of Upper Batley High School in regards to SEMH.

I have led the implementation of a new behaviour policy, consequences pathway and rewards system. This was done through careful planning, staff training, modeling and coaching. Staff now utilise Sleuth and both internal and external CPD in their lessons and around school. The impact of this work thus far has been that fixed term exclusions have significantly reduced and show a continuing falling percentage.

I have been involved in a senior leadership team that effectively changed and turned the school around from a grade 4 to a grade 2, so working to deadlines and under pressure is normality.

Most recently I have been involved working within a cluster of schools designing and directing behaviour and admissions protocols. The impact of this has been that improved communication between schools and improved processes of meeting the needs of learners through managed moves and school based placements.

CPD / Training Delivered:

Recently I have been seconded to work with the local authority to develop collaborative approaches across all the phases of education and social care in the field of SEMH. 

Steve Pollitt

I am passionate about identifying and sharing best practice with colleagues.  In particular, I am a strong advocate of research-led practice as I see this as the driving force behind raising standards of mathematics teaching in the UK to match those found in the best mathematics classrooms worldwide.  I keep fully up to date with developments in the teaching of mathematics and developments in research which may positively impact on the mathematics teaching in future.  I also conduct my own research at Upper Batley High School, including research on problem solving, and on learners’ mindsets and motivation.  I enjoy the challenge of refining ideas from research on mathematics teaching and learning and applying them effectively to particular classes and learners.

I have been Numeracy Across the Curriculum Coordinator at UBHS for the last three years, and also Second in the Maths Department for the last two and a half years.  My leadership work in numeracy has raised the profile of numeracy in school and helped to secure greater progress in numeracy and maths as highlighted by UBHS’s most recent Ofsted report. Furthermore, staff training in the school as a whole has been identified as improving teaching standards within the school.

My research into non-routine problem solving conducted at UBHS has motivated maths teachers to provide learners with problems in non-familiar situations, as identified by Ofsted.  This research was graded as outstanding by the University of Manchester and has also been shared with the Green Light Alliance Research and Development Group.  The maths department now has a growing catalogue of non-routine problems taken from a variety of sources including university entrance examinations, graduate tests, maths competitions (which I also design and run at UBHS) and PISA tests.

I designed and delivered whole-school training on growth mindsets to all staff and learners in the school starting in Autumn 2015.  This training was well received across the school and both staff and learners now use the language of growth mindsets when talking about their work and motivation. 

I also worked with an improving feeder primary school over two years to help boost learners’ KS2 grades in mathematics.  My testing and analysis of learners’ scores helped the class teacher focus teaching on those elements of the curriculum likely to make the greatest impact on learners’ test scores and also organise teaching to maximise the impact of this.

SLE areas of specialism

  • Problem-solving, in particular non-routine problem solving in mathematics
  • Numeracy across the curriculum
  • Growth mindsets
  • Pace and progression in lesson time
  • Transition from KS2 to KS3 mathematics