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Disadvantaged Policy


Pupil Premium (PP) is a Government initiative which was introduced in April 2011 to provide additional funding for learners who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Research indicates that learners from deprived backgrounds underachieve compared to their peers and the Pupil Premium initiative has been designed to help tackle the achievement gap between learners. The funding is additional to the main school funding and is specifically allocated to support learners who are looked after by the local authority, those who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) at any point in the last six years and for learners whose parents currently serve in the armed forces.

How we use the funding

Decisions on how to spend the pupil premium funding shows that the achievement gap between Dis/PP learners and non-Dis/PP learners is narrowed in most effective schools by ensuring there is a broad and balanced curriculum, high quality teaching, targeted intervention, a range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities, strong leadership and an ethos of achievement. At Upper Batley we have a culture where all learners including pupil premium learners are supported to achieve their potential regardless of their background.

Our culture

  • Promote an ethos of high expectations and high achievement through our Going for Gold target setting system; where all learners are challenged to achieve their Silver targets and aspire to achieve their Gold targets.
  • Every lesson of every day is good or better (promote high quality teaching in every lesson)
  • All learners make at least 2 sub grades of progress each year (all learners challenged in each lesson)
  • Educate and develop ‘Tomorrow’s Successful Men’ (through praise and raising aspirations of all learners)
  • Develop resilience and independence in all our learners

Our main aim is to

  • Use PP funding effectively to provide additional support to improve the progress and achievement of all Dis/PP learners
  • Close both the attainment and achievement gap between Dis/PP learners and their peers
  • Ensure PP funding reaches the learners it is intended for and it makes a significant impact on their lives

Learner identification

  • All teaching and support staff are aware who the Dis/PP and vulnerable learners are
  • Dis/PP learners are identified on all data seating plans
  • Dis/PP learners are highlighted on all tracking matrixes and intervention tracking systems when progress data analysis takes place at each assessment point.

Our provision and reporting

  • Initiatives and interventions to be based on what yields the greatest impact for learners and everything to be undertaken on a 'Plan Do Review' basis.
  • Data is to be monitored after each assessment point and the analysis is to be used to inform changes. Data analysis takes place at an individual class teacher, middle leader and senior leader level.
  • PP funding is to be accurately monitored by both the Business Manager and the Deputy Headteacher; regularly reviewing processes and monitoring of the budget and targeted spending is linked to impact.
  • Governors to be involved in reviewing Dis/PP learner’ progress and the link Governor to review in school procedures and feedback to the full GB on the impact of the work being undertaken.
  • Reviewing the impact of the current year's work when planning for the next academic year

                                                                                          Last updated :   September 2018 

                                                                                         To be reviewed:  February 2019