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Religious Education


In GCSE Religious Education you will learn about people and important issues within society as well as considering philosophical questions on religious beliefs and the existence of God. You will discuss topics and be encouraged to express your opinion whilst respectfully understanding that other people may have a different viewpoint. Religious Education will help you in any type of career as you will have a much greater respect and understanding of the diversity if religions and cultures within our community. Religious Education will therefore help you in any environment that involves working with members of the public as well as colleagues.

Outline of Course Content

Learners who choose to study Religious Studies at GCSE level will follow AQA (A) with an in depth study of two main religions, Christianity and Islam. Students will learn about the key beliefs and teachings of both religions as well as religious practices including prayer, worship and the celebration of religious festivals.

There are also six ‘themed’ units of which four topics will be studied in depth.

  • Relationships and families
  • Religion and life
  • The existence of God and revelation
  • Religion, peace and conflict
  • Religion, crime and punishment
  • Religion, human rights and social justice

Extra-Curricular and Enrichment Opportunities.

After school revision classes will be available to encourage learners to ‘go for gold’ and achieve successful outcomes, giving one to one guidance and support on improving exam skills. There will also be the opportunity of visiting other religious places of worship and having guest speakers visiting school. This will provide learners with a greater understanding of other faiths and cultures in our community.