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Curriculum Policy

The curriculum at Upper Batley High School ensures that each learner obtains a broad, balanced and engaging diet of subjects. Our ethos is to believe, achieve and you will succeed. Respect is at the heart of everything we do. Respect for a culture of lifelong learning and its power to transform lives is our secret for success.

Our curriculum embodies mutual respect, humanity and a passion for learning in every subject. All learners are encouraged to study pathways which link to their future career aspirations. We believe that planning for the future early helps success grow. This is why all our learners receive expert careers guidance to inform their curriculum pathway choices. Our curriculum is designed to offer breadth, depth and creativity and is underpinned by essential core humanitarian values.

KS3 Curriculum

Learners in Year 7 & 8 follow the KS3 curriculum where English and mathematics are the core subjects. English, mathematics and science sets are set according to ability with the other subjects in the curriculum forming what are known as the common sets. Here learners are set according to their KS2 average points scores for English and mathematics.

In Year 7 & 8 English and mathematics have 5 hours a week whilst science have an allocation of 4 hours weekly. The EBacc subjects of French, geography and history all have 2 hours whilst computing, design technology and physical education are also given this allocation. Forest school is used as a vehicle to deliver our PSHCE provision in Y7 with a dynamic and exciting approach to assist developing both resilience and thinking skills, whilst in Y8 learners discover PSHCE and gain an insight into one of the most popular option subjects in the school through Business Studies which helps to develop their enterprise and entrepreneurial skills. Art, Religious Education and music are also incorporated into the Y7 and Y8 curriculums through one hour a week delivery.

The table below illustrates the curriculum structure for Y7 & 8 

KS4 Curriculum

The KS4 curriculum includes Y9, 10 and 11. Here learners are split into ability groups for English, mathematics and lessons are timetabled to take place at the same time to allow learners to access the sets which are most appropriate for their needs. Within science there are 3 separate pathways which are; Pathway 1 - Triple Science, Pathway 2 – Combined Science, Pathway 3 - Btec Science.

Within Pathway 1 learners study English, mathematics and triple science and are encouraged to study either geography or history and French accompanied by one further option choice from the EBacc or open group of subjects. A similar approach is made available in Pathway 2 and in both pathways the learners who are able to access French are selected for the EBacc pathway. The combined scientists are therefore able to select subjects from the EBacc or open group of subjects to give them four options in total. Finally, Pathway 3 involves a small group of learners who study for the Btec science award. Not all learners are required to study a language if it does not best meet their needs or future career aspirations. The provision in pathway 3 is generally very bespoke due to the specific requirements of each learner. The PSHCE curriculum in Y10 & 11 is delivered through our ASPIRE tutor time programme.

The table below illustrates the curriculum structure for Y9, 10 & 11

In each pathway the allocated time for English and mathematics in KS4 is five hours. Science is allocated 5 hours in Y9 & 11 and 6 hours in Y10. There are currently four option groups in KS4 for each year group, each having the same allocation of time which currently is 3 hours per subject area.

The subjects studied at UBHS are outlined below.

Core Subjects

  • English, mathematics and science
  • Physical Education (1 lesson per week)
  • Religious Education (1 lesson per week)
  • PSHCE 

EBacc Subjects

Depending on the pathway learners will choose from the following EBacc subjects:

  • Geography or History &
  • French 

Open Group 

Depending on the pathway learners will choose from the following Open Group subjects:

  • Fine Art
  • Business Studies
  • Computing
  • Design Technology
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Photography
  • Religious Education

Accelerated Reader

The accelerated reader programme is designed to rapidly improve the reading ages of learners and widen their vocabulary. Accelerated Reader gives teachers the information they need to monitor learners’ reading practise and make informed decisions to guide their future learning. Our ambition is for all learners to reach at least their chronological reading age and the vast majority of learners arrive significantly below that on entry to our school. High literacy skills are essential to accessing all areas of the curriculum, as well as fundamental skills for adulthood so this is a major priority for our school community. The AR scheme works well as boys love the element of competition that can be developed via this system.

A comprehensive set of reports reveals how much a learner has been reading, at what level of complexity, and how well they have understood what they have read. Vocabulary growth and literacy skills are also measured, giving teachers insight into how well learners have responded to reading schemes and class instruction. All learners within the school participate in this programme and over the past 2/3 years we have seen a dramatic rise reading ages. All year groups have a specifically timetabled to use the library facilities for accelerated reader.