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Library Competition

Intelligence soared at Upper Batley High School as 2 learners won a competition that was ran throughout schools in Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield areas by a company called Veritas Education.  The competition was run in conjunction with World Book Day and was called 'Short & Tweet competition'.  Learners were asked to write a story, but as a tweet, (no more than 140 characters).  

The winner’s entries:

When darkness engulfed me, I realised that I was six feet underground; alive.  The first thing that came into my mind was “why am I here?”   
Aboobakr Mulla  Year 11.

Realisation hit as I opened the chamber; there was a ferocious Basilisk waiting for me.  I crumpled to the floor breathing my last breath.  
Ayman Shayaan Yr8.

Aboobakr won a £10 Watersones giftcard and Ayman won a £50 Waterstones giftcard.

Great imagination from both our learners and huge congratulations for winner 2 out of 3 prizes!