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Keeping our Community Safe

In addition to keeping our community safe with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, we also need to keep our children safe on the way to and from school. Traffic is always busy around schools in the morning and at the end of the school day, and that's why we stagger start and finish times for our boys, and why our staff are on duty each and every day. We also encourage our boys to walk or cycle to school wherever possible. Additional rewards (achievement points) are given to the boys who cycle each week as they are helping to ease traffic congestion, doing something positive for the environment, and it is good for their own emotional health and wellbeing (healthy body, healthy mind). We also have some bikes which we can loan out to children should they need one, and there is a safe bicycle store at school.  
We respectfully ask all drivers to please consider the following actions:
  • Drop children off in Batley so they can just safely walk up the hill (e.g. drop them off near Asda, or Tesco, or outside the main library and they can walk up to school) 
  • Drop children off on Timothy Lane, or Heaton Road and they can walk down to school. 
  • Never block a resident's driveway or gate when dropping children off
  • Never stop, or park on double yellow lines or let children out in these areas, it is unsafe to do so.
  • Never let children out of the car at a busy junction. It is unsafe and holds up all other road users.
  • Never stop, or park on the yellow chevron areas.
  • Be mindful of where you pull in to park e.g. if you park opposite another parked car and result in the road being too narrow for the traffic to keep flowing then please do not park there, but rather find another space where it is safer and more courteous to other road users. 

We respectfully remind all drivers that it is good for children to walk, and they do not need to be collected from exactly where Blenheim Drive meets Batley Field Hill. If you park further away and they walk a little, it also means you will not be held up in traffic either. We thank you in advance for taking your son's safety seriously, or the safety of your passengers if you are a driver rather than a parent/carer. If everyone took some of these key strategic actions we could together make Batley Field Hill much safer for all of our boys.