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Religious Education


At KS3 all learners follow a curriculum based on the Kirklees Locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education (RE). Learners are assessed on the skills and knowledge that they have acquired at primary school and new skills are introduced with a focus on religions in the UK and the nature of religion and belief. Learners gain an understanding of what is meant by nationality, multi-faith and multi-cultural and how this relates to our local community. RE provides the opportunity to explore the religious profile of our local areas and the UK and to investigate religious teachings about inclusion and hospitality.

Year 7

Topics include:

  • Who gives us guidelines for living?
  • How do Buddhists see life?
  • What makes a good leader?
  • Does religion challenge injustice and poverty?

Year 8

Topics include:

  • Why are some journeys and places special?
  • What is important about being a Hindu?
  • Should humans use animals?
  • How can art express spirituality?

Year 9

Topics include:

  • Can we escape suffering?
  • What is genocide and why does it happen?
  • How does growing up bring responsibilities and commitment?
  • How do beliefs affect death and mortality?
  • Does religion promote or prevent equality?
  • What does it mean to welcome and belong?


Core Religious Education

All KS4 Learners study AQA GCSE Religious Studies B Unit 3. Some learners may be entered in for an exam (1hr 30mins) in which they will gain a short course qualification. There is no coursework for this course. 

The religions studied are Christianity and Islam. Topics cover religious attitudes to: 

  • matters of life
  • the elderly and death
  • drug abuse
  • crime and punishment
  • to the rich and poor in British society
  • world poverty

GCSE Religious Education

AQA Religious Studies B Units 2 and 4

Assessment is 100% exam and consists of two 90 minute exams.For most topics the religions studied are Christianity and Islam

Unit 2: Religion and Life Issues

  • Religion and animal rights
  • Religion and planet earth
  • Religion and prejudice
  • Religion and early life
  • Religion, war and peace
  • Religion and young people
Unit 4: Religious philosophy and ultimate questions
  • The existence of God 
  • Revelation
  • The problem of evil and suffering 
  • Immortality
  • Miracles
  • Science and religion