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Team Leader: Louise Farrar

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Sir Rannulph Fiennes, “the world’s greatest living explorer”


Geography at UBHS is a carefully designed course which promotes and fosters enthusiasm in learners for learning about their world in the 21st Century. It encourages them to explore the importance of geography for understanding the world around them.  Our world is constantly changing and our curriculum reflects this dynamic and changing world, investigating topical issues, changing countries and potential futures. There is an emphasis on encouraging learners to develop an independent curiosity about their world and its interactions.


Geography offers opportunities for learners to:

  • learn key geographical skills such as data interpretation, e.g. maps, graphs, statistical information;
  • conduct fieldwork, (planning and carrying out a fieldwork investigation);
  • investigate how extreme weather is affecting our lives;
  • explain our changing populations, ecosystems and coastlines;
  • to research different cultures, and how our world is developing; and
  • to ask questions such as ‘What does geography have to do with crime?’ and ‘Do we have an equal right to resources?’


GCSE Geography offers a more in depth study of key geographical subjects such as earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers, coasts, populations, global warming and tourism. It’s not all theory either all GCSE geographers get the opportunity to take part in geography fieldwork, away from the classroom.

Year 10

The new GCSE course follows the EDEXCEL specification and consists of three topics:

  • Component 1: Physical Environment (37.5%) Written examination.

Section A: The changing landscapes of the UK (rivers and coasts)

Section B: Weather hazards and climate change

Section C: Ecosystems, biodiversity and management

  • Component 2: Human Environment (37.5%) Written examination

Section A: Changing cities

Section B: Global development

Section C: Resource management (resource or water)

  • Component 3: Geographical Investigations: Fieldwork and UK challenges (37.5%)

Section A: Geographical investigations – physical environments

Section B: Geographical investigations – human environments

Section C: UK challenges

Year 11

The GCSE course follows the EDEXCEL specification and consists of four topics:

UNIT 1 (25%)

Geographical Skills and Challenges for the Planet: Topics include sustainability and climate change. Written exam (1 hour 15 minutes)

UNIT 2 (25%)

Natural Environment: Topics include rivers, coasts and tectonic landscapes. Written exam (1 hour 15 minutes)

UNIT 3 (25%)

Human Environment: Topics include population, economic change and settlement change. Written exam (1 hour 15 minutes)

UNIT 4 (25%)

Investigating Geography: Controlled Assessment based on fieldwork.

Extracurricular and Enrichment Activities


 I only have three options, why choose geography?

We believe that you should take Geography because it helps you:

  • to understand the environment at local and global scales
  • to know your world through fieldwork
  • to make decisions that balance environmental and developmental concerns
  • to develop a wide range of skills such as presenting arguments or map skills
  • to use computers and other technology
  • for analysis / presentation
  • to understand other cultures throughout the world
  • to know where places in the world are.

Field trips are currently being planned allowing our learners to experience the very things that they are learning about. We are privileged to live in a country that is geographically diverse in both its physical and human characteristics and have exciting Geography on our doorstep. We shall certainly be making the most of these opportunities and getting out and about whenever possible. This year, Year 11 took a trip to Castleton in Derbyshire, to experience the amazing scenery on offer and visit local tourist attractions such as Peak Cavern.

Resources to support learning

ICT Resources

BBC GCSE Bitesize - Geography