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Creative Arts

Fine Art

The Creative Arts team at Upper Batley High School pride themselves on delivering an exciting Arts provision for our learners.

The Arts have a language that all people speak and cuts across racial, cultural, social and economic barriers. We provide opportunities for self-expression and development of independent and collaborative learning.

In today’s visual and fast moving world, where creative thinking, social skills and positive attitudes are a must we help develop those skills on a daily basis through our curriculum.

As part of our daily diet, we promote and develop higher order thinking skills, analysis, evaluation and problem solving, allowing every learner to learn and play our part in producing ‘Educating Tomorrows Successful Men’.


In Year 7 we begin with building on skills already gained from Primary school. In Term 1 we look at such things as proportion, shading and colour mixing. Term 2 we cover such things as perspective, 3D work, sketching and Architecture. Term 3 we concentrate on observational drawing skills and how to create a range of effects. Learners are consistently assessed throughout the year to ensure they are progressing and achieving their best.

Year 8 builds on knowledge gained in Year 7. Term 1 we cover Anatomy, mixed media work and 3D.  Term 2 we coverPrint making, Drawing skills and Architecture. Term 3 see learners doing more Observational drawing, Relief work and looking at Positive and Negative space. In Year 8 learners are continually assessed throughout the year to ensure good progress.

Year 9, again building prior knowledge gained in Year 7 and 8. Term 1 we cover Symbolism, the Environment and Abstract Art. Term 2 we look at Sculpture, Print making and Relief work in more detail.Term 3 we again look at drawing, colour and imagination. Learners are assessed throughout the year to ensure progress is being made.

In all of KS3 Critical studies play a major part in the learners’ work. Research and Independent learning are key to success.


Although we do constantly work on developing prior knowledge we also look at individual needs on the learners chosen topics.

Key Stage 4 is very much project based, where each learner starts with the same brief but develops the work in an individual way. The course is very much based on independent learning with staff acting as facilitators to guide the learners in their own learning.

In both Key stages there are opportunities for offsite education to experience Art in the world around us.